Monday, 25 April 2011


Done, Done, Done, Finally done!! And just in time for Easter. I have a younger sister so we still have an easter egg hunt every year.. although her and me are the only two of my brother's and sister that actually look for the eggs anymore... my older sister just won't and my older brother isn't home because he is still away working on a ski hill. My summer job starts up soon and I am actually excited for it's actually my first full time job because I have always been playing basketball throughout the summer and never had time to have one.. my jobs have consisted of the harvest season and coaching basketball camps whenever the option comes up. Basketball camps actually pay really well too so I was perfectly happy with that... but my parents wanted me to get a full time job. But the job I has is perfect for me. I get to coach soccer teams and a sport of my choice, I only work from Monday to Friday, I can work extra at night to make more money if I want to, I got to pick who I wanted for an assistant coach, and if I want to have a day off to go train with some of my teammates at my university I can just make my assistant coach my team. It's the perfect job for me, and I get to start in May!
Anyways... Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Almost Done

Exams and the school year is almost over!! I only have two left next week, out of five...decided to come on here to take a break from studying. Will be back on full to the blogging after exams!