Monday, 28 March 2011

Someone posted this on my friends wall... I think they've got some talent. I'm liking the super intense guy on the left.. What do you think??

Monday, 21 March 2011


Hey guys,
I'm very sorry for not posting and following your blogs for such a long time!! I know I said I would be back on by early last week after I finished our basketball season, but I had an unexpected trip to the hospital and was stuck there for six days... Lots of fun. I'm pretty behind on school work now and missed three mid terms the past week so it'll be hard to get caught up on all your blogs, but I'm really going to try!!
Hope to be back at it soon, hope you all have had a better past two weeks then me.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Season Ender

So our season is all done now. There is a wildcard to be chosen, but I am pretty sure that we won't get it. We lost the game yesterday by six I think it was... we shot twenty percent which is the worst we have shot all season, but I think we played pretty good other than that. Which sucks even more is a team that we beat by twenty to get to the final last weekend won their game yesterday and is going to nationals... but at least that shows us for sure that we should have been there, but oh well we had a really good season, two weeks off and then we'll start training for next year.
This past week was also our break and I was hoping to get caught up on some school work... that didn't happen, I was busy with ball the whole time. Now I have only today to study for two midterms and finish up two assignments... Library all day. So I'll get back to the blogging in a couple days! Thanks for the good luck wishes and support!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Another Final

Quick update, I have to go get ready for our game. We won yesterdays game and are playing against the winner of the second game last night today at four o'clock to see who goes to nationals. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Would You Look At This

So I might be boring you guys with my rants about our basketball games. A friend posted this on my wall, thought it would be something a little more interesting than just reading my long post! It gave me a laugh after our loss. Hope it does for you too...just look at it!

I'll be back to the updates this weekend to let you know how we make out!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Probably the weirdest end to a basketball game I have ever seen or been involved in... We ended up losing by five points 85-80. The first time I have said this too.. I blame it completely on the refs. I'll explain. First of all, you are not aloud to have the same refs ref two days in a row at the level of basketball we play, and you are definatly not aloud to have the exact same refs ref you two days in a row. Also, you are not aloud to have a ref from the hometown of the other team ref your games either... and all of this was the case when we played in our championship.
It was close the whole way through the game, the other team went to the foul line seventeen times... we went twice. This is the weird ending. The ball bounces out of bounce, no call, so everyone keeps playing and we hit a three to tie the game with twenty, thirtyish seconds left. There was a time out and the other team gets the ball at half. The other teams point guard is dribbling just inside the front court.. completely messes up and double dribbles the call. Then she drive in and passes it to a post ( who our post had fouled before the pass and  her shot to stop the clock.. but no call) then our post fouls her while she takes a bunny shot ( while everyone in the gym is still yelling about the double dribble and carry that wasn't called). The shot goes in... the ref has her arm up as all three refs discuss the call and then she blows the whistle again and calls a flagrant foul. The other team got another foul shot... made it and the ball back. We lose by five after being tied with twenty seconds left. And I know a lot of other things and bad calls happened throughout the game, but really? I blame it completely on the hometown refs... It was the most ridiculous end I have ever seen.

Our season isn't done though. We can still go to our national tournament after a couple games this coming weekend. If we had won we would have gotten a bye.. which would have been nice seeing how I have two mid terms on Monday to study for this weekend! Oh well, and thanks for the good luck wishes the other day as well!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

We're Going To The Ship

We won!! We have split games with this team all year and we beat them by twenty points. For some reason we always get intimidated playing them in their gym but this time we knew we were better and just played like we can and it showed!
 Now we're goin to the ship what, wha?? We're goin to the ship!  (chant off of the movie coach carter if anyone has ever seen it!) We play at one tomorrow for the banner!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Just Landed

My team and I just landed off the plane for our championship weekend not too long ago. We are at the hotel now getting ready for a tournament banquet. We don't play until Saturday since we finished in second place. We'll be here until Sunday and I'll try to keep updating my blog and let everyone know how we do!