Sunday, 13 March 2011

Season Ender

So our season is all done now. There is a wildcard to be chosen, but I am pretty sure that we won't get it. We lost the game yesterday by six I think it was... we shot twenty percent which is the worst we have shot all season, but I think we played pretty good other than that. Which sucks even more is a team that we beat by twenty to get to the final last weekend won their game yesterday and is going to nationals... but at least that shows us for sure that we should have been there, but oh well we had a really good season, two weeks off and then we'll start training for next year.
This past week was also our break and I was hoping to get caught up on some school work... that didn't happen, I was busy with ball the whole time. Now I have only today to study for two midterms and finish up two assignments... Library all day. So I'll get back to the blogging in a couple days! Thanks for the good luck wishes and support!


  1. Any plans for spring break ?

  2. damn, well good luck with your schoolwork

  3. good luck :) hope you will have time for blogging