Thursday, 30 June 2011

New Car

Got a car last week! It's my first car...even though I can't really say its mine since my parent bought it...and I have to share it with my sister when she gets her license...either way its still a car and I don't have to ask my mother to use her car all the time anymore because now we can both go places at the same time.
It's a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero...looks something like this:

Friday, 24 June 2011

Basketball Prospect

This is insane...wish I had some more height/or long arms..

Read this article.. He is 6 foot 8 and has a reach of 9 foot 3! His wing span is 7 foot 9 inches!

Everyone have a great Weekend!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

3on3 Tournament

This is my first year working for the Rec. Department in my village. It's also my bosses first year helping out the rec director (me) as well. The person who usually does it is gone so together we have to try and guess what things to order for uniforms, trophy's, etc. Although sometimes it can be awkward making phone calls that I don't even know who I am talking to or I am not even one hundred percent sure what I need from this person because it was explained to me terribly...I love it. Since we are both new to this, she lets me dream up ideas of events that our village can do this year as long as its within our budget. So far I have had a rugby clinic, a running club...and I am in the process of organising a 3on3 basketball tournament for anyone to register for. I think I will post at a later date more of my basketball tournament because it is turning out to be a lot bigger then  what it started out to be...but just as big as I want it to be, I want this to become an annual event for us!!
Anyways...I'll stop rambling on. Can you tell how excited I get about my job

Monday, 20 June 2011

Stanley Cup

So this is my last post about Boston. They Won!! The stanley cup parade was on the weekend. I knew few families that had gone to it. I would've liked to have gone as well but I was at a basketball tournament that day.

Hope everyone had a great father's day weekend!!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Boston Wins Again!

So Boston won another game last night!! They beat Vancouver 5-2 and scored 4 of their goals in the first period saving the series and taking it to game 7! Here's a recap of the game if your interested!

Also, Sunday night the Mav's beat Miami Heat for the NBA Finals!! I'm so glad that Miami and LeBron and Wade didn't win. LeBron stormed off court and didn't even shake anyones hand.. at least the rest of his team showed some sportsmanship.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Not very many people are aware of the WNBA. It's probably one of the most discriminated against things out there!! I did a paper on discrimination in woman's sport for my History of Sport class and had Candace Parker as on of the main topics. I think it's a lot better than NBA where they only play up to their potential in the post season, and proved by the other nights game, they can get up holding the ball and it's not a travel? She is starting to make more people aware of the woman's sport and one of the most advertised athletes out there!

This was a while ago but this is her rookie debut in the WNBA..after a very successful career with Tennessee Lady Vols.

She has her own website as well if you want to check it out!

The WNBA season starts up pretty soon and since it's so badly discriminated against it's pretty hard to get the chance to watch it on satelite TV. So we have a special channel that's for an NBA team that plays WNBA in the summer when there is no NBA on.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Quick Note

So we lost our first soccer game. It was a close game and we scored first, but they got a lucky bounce close to the end of the game that bounced off their player and went in close to the end of the game. The game was just how I like it... really rough, they were a pretty cocky team and very dirty and got lucky with a ref that ran around the center circle the entire game because he was too lazy to run back and fourth. He relied on the linesmen for calls they didn't have to make.
I think we did really we considering most of us didn't know each others name to call out to each other for the ball. Most of us had just met either earlier that week or the day of the game. The other team had been playing together for a few years. To add to the difficulty of us communicating on the field, three quarters of the team speaks french. I do not understand most of what they say because I can barely speak/understand french at all. Luckily a lot of them can understand english and speak it enough for us to talk to each other...but there's always a lot of whats? and Huh's? When they talk to each other they speak in french so I miss a lot of what they are talking about. But I kind of like how we are a bilingual team. It's probably just a little annoying for the coach to have to say everything in french and then say it again in english to the four of us that are english.

On another note, up to fifty followers now, Thanks for following everyone!!