Friday, 27 May 2011

Busy Week

It's been a busy week. Finally got a couple days of sunshine this week! At work we got the pool all painted and all of our Recreation Teams registered! Also, My birthday was this week and I went to the movies with a couple of friends for it and tonight I am having my birthday cake, etc. with the fam. At work a couple girls I work with kept dissapearing all day, I just assumed they were at the pool but when I came back in the room once from printing registration forms, everyone was singing happy birthday and they had been making a cake all day.. a very good one I might add.
My own first league soccer game is this weekend! We play one of the best teams in our league that have been playing together for a while, (we are a mix of girls across the province) and we've only had three practices with not everyone there.. should be interesting! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sun at last

Get my first pay check today!.. one of you asked how much I get paid a couple days ago, I'm pretty sure it's 10.50/hr, but I'm not a hundred percent sure.

On another note. It has been raining here for about two months straight with only one or two sunny days in those two months. Yesterday and today, we actually saw a little sun, its still not clear of cloudiness, but it sure is nice to have the sun and no rain! Hopefully it stays this way for the weekend.

I think I saw this video on another blog a while ago, but my grandfather showed it to me and I think its really cute and funny so thought I'd post it!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I love my job

So I started work last week...for my first ever job (first summer I have ever had time to actually work becuase others I was too busy with my basketball teams which involved a lot of traveling). Anyways I actually love my job. Right now I am sitting at a desk doing absolutely nothing because we all have to take turns sitting at the desk answering phone calls (which we just have to take a message and write it down)...I have got one phone call for the two hours I have been sitting here. Also when the summer kicks in I get to play sports with kids and coach, which I would do for free anyways. I coach every summer and now I'm getting paid for it. And next week I am headed to my university to train for ball with a couple girls from my team. Becuase I can take days off to go there and my boss said it was perfectly fine just to tell them in advance.

While sitting here i have been trying to think of which iphone to get... Thought I'd ask for an opinion

Or should I get the Blackberry Bold, or Blackberry torch...

Friday, 13 May 2011

NBA Celtics Game

So my blog about the Celtics game dissapeared and I just realised it. Even though my favourite team is out, their head coach has agreed to another five year contract with the coaches after saying no to the lakers. So still looking forward to next year.. they still have Rondo and Allen and Pierce..not sure if Garnet will play another year or not.. they are definatly aging. I think if Rondo didn't dislocate his elbow (thanks to an intentional foul that wasn't called on Dwayne Wade who I am not a fan of) and Oneal wasn't hurt and Big Baby wasn't a big baby then they definatly would have won this year. Rondo still played which was amazing but he definalty wasn't up to his full potential after his injury.

On another note, my brother is home this weekend for the first time in like a year and a half. He couldn't even make it home for Christmas! He's leaving again on Sunday for the summer and won't be back until september. I'll probably just be home most of the weekend getting caught up with my brother..and he has decided to come to my school to finish a kinesiology degree in the fall so I'll get to see him a lot then since we'll be taking the same course!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dial Up...

So now that I am done school for the summer I am back home where well.. I pretty much live in the middle of nowheres I guess you could say. We have been trying to get the internet company closest to us to get us high speed internent but have not had success. Aparently it is not possible for us to get high speed... so I'm stuck with dial up internet for the summer, which makes blogging difficult. I attempted catching up on everyones blog with our dial up, but got too frustrated with how long it was taking, and how it would not let me comment for some reason. It was taking foorrrevverr. So I am going to try and get on here at least once hopefully two or three times per week by using my friends or family members who have high speed.
Not only are we not able to have high speed, but barely any phone service as well. There are only certain places in our house where we can get good phone service.. and most of the time our cell phones pick up the American towers since we live so close to a US border.
So looking forward to reading everyone's blogs when I can!