Monday, 7 March 2011

Probably the weirdest end to a basketball game I have ever seen or been involved in... We ended up losing by five points 85-80. The first time I have said this too.. I blame it completely on the refs. I'll explain. First of all, you are not aloud to have the same refs ref two days in a row at the level of basketball we play, and you are definatly not aloud to have the exact same refs ref you two days in a row. Also, you are not aloud to have a ref from the hometown of the other team ref your games either... and all of this was the case when we played in our championship.
It was close the whole way through the game, the other team went to the foul line seventeen times... we went twice. This is the weird ending. The ball bounces out of bounce, no call, so everyone keeps playing and we hit a three to tie the game with twenty, thirtyish seconds left. There was a time out and the other team gets the ball at half. The other teams point guard is dribbling just inside the front court.. completely messes up and double dribbles the call. Then she drive in and passes it to a post ( who our post had fouled before the pass and  her shot to stop the clock.. but no call) then our post fouls her while she takes a bunny shot ( while everyone in the gym is still yelling about the double dribble and carry that wasn't called). The shot goes in... the ref has her arm up as all three refs discuss the call and then she blows the whistle again and calls a flagrant foul. The other team got another foul shot... made it and the ball back. We lose by five after being tied with twenty seconds left. And I know a lot of other things and bad calls happened throughout the game, but really? I blame it completely on the hometown refs... It was the most ridiculous end I have ever seen.

Our season isn't done though. We can still go to our national tournament after a couple games this coming weekend. If we had won we would have gotten a bye.. which would have been nice seeing how I have two mid terms on Monday to study for this weekend! Oh well, and thanks for the good luck wishes the other day as well!