Friday, 5 August 2011


So I will finally be back at the blogging. As I said before work has been a little crazy lately and now its starting to slow down after all our major activities for the summer are over.
For an update on the 3on3 Basketball tournament I hosted a while ago.. it went great! A couple teams from 3 and 4 hours away came, 13 teams in all. We ended up making money on the event (after none of my supervisors believed we would). The only downfall for me was that four of the open division girls teams dropped out the week of the event so my team had to play in the open men's division. We competed pretty well but cam in 5th out of 6 teams (we beat the maintenance workers team that I work with...who I might add was bragging all week that his team could win the whole thing).
We had a motor cycle toy run which had the biggest turnout that they have had in a long time the same day. My soccer and basketball team got second and third place. Should've got first in basketball we believe because the ref was super bias for her home team..and was wearing flip flops and standing by the clock to end the game short once they got ahead a basket..and clapping when they scored...
We also had a grand opening for a new park in our village..had lot's of people come out for that..even though it poured for about ten minutes and everyone got soaked. And a 5k run which I organised but couldn't come to because I was three hours away at a basketball tournament. They told me that not as many people as usual came out to that but it still went really well.
Now all I have is activity days twice a week and rec. soccer practices and games twice a week along with rec. t-ball once a week.
Summers almost over! It's going so fast..


  1. That ref was a cow, you were robbed.

  2. glad to have you back at blogging! :)

  3. Been crazy around my neck of the woods too, welcome back :)

  4. Nice, sounds like you've been busy. I take about as long in between posts as you do, so join the club.

  5. Refs will always be like that sadly. I agree, summer has gone by so quick.

  6. Wow, you're a lot more active than I am.