Tuesday, 6 September 2011

All moved in (sort of)

Officially moved into my apartment! We still have one more roommate to move in but we have everything for the kitchen, living room unpacked and the cupboard has been completely clean for the first time tonight! I am still trying to get all my clothes and stuff unpacked..ran out of hangers and didn't bring a dresser so I've got some clothes laying around on the floor.

Also basketball has sort of started. We've been getting together to scrimmage and do some cardio stuff but our first official tryout is on Friday. We have about 6 new recruits this year, including a couple transfers. I'm not so sure I'll be on the team yet and am definitely nervous..can't say I had such a great year last year.

Anyways..guess I could do some more unpacking!


  1. Go to Ikea and treat yourself to some cheap hangers or a dresser. Problem solved. :P

  2. Leave them on the floor, go do basketball.

  3. i just moved into a new apartment as well, so far we don't have a couch. hahah