Saturday, 24 September 2011


Have you ever been involved in some sort of "rookie party"? I wonder how many teams/people still actually do these. I know that pretty much every team or whichever used to always have them but with more awareness on hazing and everything many universities, high schools or whatever have really been trying to stop it. A surprising number of athlete's, etc. have actually been killed at these sorts of parties. Even close by you hear of someone who has drank a little too much voluntarily or involuntarily and died from an accident. 
Most everyone nowadays are conscious of what could happen and don't actually force the involvement of alcohol..but there's def still that peer pressure that most anyone could be influenced by. They can be fun to plan but also not fun to know that that person is completely uncomfortable with what they have to do. It's definitely a debatable situation..what do you think??


  1. As long as it doesn't get out of hand it can be a good bonding exercise.

  2. If everyone involved is ok with what's going on I think it's fine, and alcohol and violence should never be part of it.