Wednesday, 2 November 2011

iPhone 4s

So the long waited for new iPhone finally came out.. not the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 4s. I don't know much about them really, but anyone who I know that has bought an iPhone since it came out has been told by their phone company that there is only one difference in the 4s and that it's cheaper to buy the iPhone 4 so they end up buying the 4 to save money and pretty much have the same features.
Quite a while ago I posted about deciding to either get the iPhone or a blackberry... Well I chose the iPhone. And very glad I did, I love it. I've had it for about five weeks now... The only thing is that I think something is wrong with my battery. I think it is dieing to fast but I might just be paranoid. Is less than a day for a five week old iPhone mean it is dieing too fast? Even if I only text with it...I haven't even put music or anything on it yet and barely have any games...
But I did buy the three year extended warranty as well so if I call them then I may be able to replace it..unless this is normal. But apparently you have to register your warranty with the little package you get..didn't know that until last night actually...maybe should've actually opened my warranty package.

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  1. Only if you are using it a lot especially video playing.