Friday, 10 February 2012

Haven't updated on how my team's doing for a while. We have had an up and down season on the court this year and it's been super unpredictable. We are going in to this weekend with must win games because we are tied for the last playoff spot (because the hosting team gets in automatically). That team we are tied with is who we play this weekend twice and again later in two weeks. We have a team that has proven capable of beating the first place team in the league...but then we have a team that has lost to a team in last place. Like I said, unpredictable what is going to happen this weekend. And it will decide if we will be playing through March or not.
On another note. I actually haven't even got to  play since preseason. I have been sick I guess you could say. I hopefully will be able to get my eligibility back for this year (not wasting a year not playing at all)...and hoping to be back on the team next year to start playing..