Monday, 21 February 2011

Controversial Win?

   The presentation of Blake Griffin's dunk was definatly very creative. I love Blake Griffin too, he's one of my favourite players, but I think Javale Mcgee's dunk deserved the win, it was amazing. I can't believe I'm saying this but Griffin barely even jumped over the car, he jumped over the end of the hood. In an article on this link it said that it's possible barely anyone else in the world could do Mcgee's dunk!

"Chris Webber said it was going to be a "space age" dunk and this was definitely outside the realm of anything seen before in the Dunk Contest.
McGee brought out a second basket for his first dunk. With Chris Webber acting as his Vince McMahon-esque hype man. He missed he missed several attempts, but put down the dunk before time expired.
The TNT crew mused that, with his wingspan, it's possible McGee is the only person on earth who could do that dunk. Kenny Smith called it the "third degree" of difficulty he'd ever seen in his life."

What do you guys think, who shoulda won??


  1. McGee, his dunks were so original when everyone now-a-days says every dunk has been tried

  2. same. I think mcgee should have won.

  3. that whole think was rigged in my opinion

  4. I don't really watch sports much..but those were some really cool dunks.

  5. Blake Griffin's dunk was ok, but it had nothing on that spectacular McGee dunk, that shit is damn near impossible.