Monday, 21 February 2011


 Have you ever sat at the back of a theatre class with two to three hundred or more people in it. There is always the same people in pretty much every class. I'll start at the front. There is the people that are really smart and seem really interested and engaged in what the teacher is talking about...even though sometimes I'm pretty sure the proffesseur stops speaking english half way through their rant. These people get the front few seats everyday because they have been sitting there since eight thirty in the morning and go until about three in the afternoon. They are usually good people to ask for help on a tough assignment because they always know what they are doing. Then there is that one person that always interrupts the proffesseur to tell them they made a small mistake on the board that everyone knows was there. This person is also the one that isn't afraid to ask questions or answer the proffesseurs questions out loud in front of the whole class. Don't get me wrong, I admire how they aren't afraid to speak out and ask a question, but the obvious corrections and questions are really unnecessary.
There is a couple that I see everyday (or I'm assuming they are a couple). They cuddle up together and just sleep, in class. Then there is the people on Facebook all class, the people browsing the internet,people constantly texting and the people doing the assignment that is due half an hour after class. I never understood why they don't just not come to class and do that at home seeing how they aren't paying attention anyways. There's also this one group of people where a couple of them come in late almost everyday... and somehow they always seem to be sitting somewhere's near me. They talk and laugh the whole class and it drives me crazy because it makes it you can't hear and pay attention to the slides that you get to see for thirty seconds before it's changed...Then there is everyone else. Who most often pay complete attention, but sometimes just can't seem to pay attention, and find ourselves on Facebook, browsing or whatever else keeps us entertained and awake.
Sorry for the long post, that took a lot longer to say than I thought it time you're in a big class, look around I bet you'll see people doing things really similar!


  1. i would never sit in front of a lecture class, probably end up sleeping and looking stupid