Sunday, 20 February 2011

Senior's Night

Hey everyone, so this is my first real post. I'm really starting to admire all you bloggers because I never realized how hard it actually is to post a blog everyday. Hopefully I'll be able to work my way up to be as good as the rest of you. Anyways the reason why I haven't posted yet is because yesterday my team was playing a very important basketball game. It was against the team that we were tied with for first in our league and was also our seniors night where we were saying goodbye to our graduating players. The team we were playing has won the last few championships too. We were ahead the whole game but it was close the whole way through. With five seconds left we were only winning by two, but we got the ball and they fouled us with .7 seconds left. We made a foul shot and ended up winning by three. It was an intense game and we are now in first! We play them again this weekend, so should be a good game!


  1. awesome! good luck with your next game!

  2. haha excellent. Congratulations on your win.